Dim Stockings

In case you were wondering about the “special impression of synchrony and dissonance” in the Dim Stockings advert A mentions, a short clip of it is here:

I find A’s analysis (of stocking adverts, and much to this point in CC) to be less convincing, and more of a reflection of his personal thoughts than anything else. I look forward to our discussion, and perhaps the remainder of the book, as to date I’m unimpressed and (my own failing, I’m sure) find tedious the coquettish insistence on writing in ways nearly unintelligible. Maybe I just don’t read enough postmodern theory. I don’t know if I should blame the author, the translators (who actually WRITES like this?), or again, my own mental inabilities. That said, at the end of this chapter it heated up a bit and maybe the pieces laid out thus far will become the foundation for something. Enough of my whining for now.

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I'm a faculty member in Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. I'm interested in how societies plan, who is involved and who isn't, and the differential impacts of decision making on communities. I particularly like to think about food systems, and democracy or participation in social life. I also have this thing for school buses in general, and one in particular. Vamanos!

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