Beyond being just good advice, I think this speaks to what we’re trying to do both with our group and here on the blog: to create, engage, and practice. The point of contributing to this site is experimentation, right? This month-long gap between our meetings — not to mention the time I’m spending confined to a cubicle — is getting to me so I thought I’d throw this out there and see if it piques anyone’s attention.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Mar 11, 2009 5:49 AM
philosophy : architecture
by doctorzamalek

And here’s another analogy I often have in mind… that philosophical work should be a bit like an architectural career.

To begin with, here’s the recipe for failure and autistic arrogance in philosophy:

“I have some great ideas. They’re not perfect yet, so I won’t publish them. Everything I read is worse than my own ideas. I will not lower myself to the level of publishing imperfect ideas. I am too conscientious to be as sloppy as others.”

This is a great way to take 12 years or forever on a Ph.D., and ultimately quit, all while telling yourself that no one else is really up to your level.

NO!!!!!! Do not go down that path.

Think like an architect. An architect has to build. To build, you have to take the opportunities that come to you. Yes, you may…

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