Faceless face: being not being?

Thinking about Agamben’s chapter Without Classes, in which he states

“…if humans could, that is, not be-thus in this or that particular biography but be only the thus, their singular exteriority and their face, then they would for the first time enter into a community (ed note: the coming community?) without presuppositions and without subjects, into a communication without the incommunicable.”

Somehow this reminded me of a face research project that averaged people’s faces to come up with a face that was yet not a face, an averaged face that represents nobody and everybody at the same time.


And, this isn’t this processes’ first rodeo:


But I wonder if this generates communication without the incommunicable, or incommunicable communication?

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I'm a faculty member in Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. I'm interested in how societies plan, who is involved and who isn't, and the differential impacts of decision making on communities. I particularly like to think about food systems, and democracy or participation in social life. I also have this thing for school buses in general, and one in particular. Vamanos!

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