Looks like a good resource for anyone interested in Virno’s writing on the “general intellect” and “immaterial labor.”

Te Ipu Pakore: The Broken Vessel

I came to Virno through the excellent interview “Soviets of the Multitude” from Mediations (2004), which discusses the micro-collectives that embody the non-representative democracy characteristic of post-Fordist society (see my blog), and the final chapter of Multitude Between Innovation and Negation, “Mirror Neurons, Linguistic Negation, and Mutual Recognition” (available here for research purposes), which examines the relationship of intersubjective empathy (through mirror neurons) and language (through negation as differential [the heteron], not apophatic [the antitheton]).

Virno is best known as a post-operaist, an activist and theorist of immaterial labour, the kind of work that characterizes post-Fordist society. The best introduction to Virno’s post-operaism is his “Virtuosity and Revolution” from ARTicles (2004).

Many of these links here are from the excellent Generation Onlinesite, moderated by Arianna Bove and Erik Empson.

Articles and Books (in chronological order)

Dreamers of a Successful…

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