Latour next?

We polished off Nigel last night at the College Inn…the experience was, if anything, an affective roller coaster. Sigh.

Moving forward: in order to accommodate as many people as possible, it looks like we should read Latour’s Reassembling the Social next.

I have to be out one Friday per month (10/19 will be the first)  for my commitments in CHID, so I’ll propose 9/28 (Part I) and 10/12 (Part II) as the two dates to discuss Latour. I know that’s a fast start-up, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Shall we autogest in the comments section?


10 thoughts on “Latour next?

  1. I’d concur that Latour makes the most sense to pivot towards next, and also that next Friday is a bit hasty for getting half the book read. I could probably make it happen, but wouldn’t be opposed to pushing back the start date to October 12th if the beginning of the quarter is crazy for most of the Poor.

  2. I’d be down to join for the reading of Latour. I agree with James though… next Friday is bit too close for comfort. October 12th sounds good.

  3. Thrilled to be reading Latour with ya’ll BP as i was very sad to miss out on the Nigel action. I’ll hustle a copy and get to reading. 9/28 sounds fine by me, but if we decide to move it back, i can standby.

  4. Latour sounds fab– but Part I by 9/29 could be difficult. A lot to do in the next couple weeks, wrapping up technical work from the summer while starting courses. 10/5 or 10/12 would be better for me.

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