Path to the Possible

Speaking of academic publishing, the reading group I participate in, Becoming Poor, is reading Bruno Latour’s Reassembling the Social.  It is obviously a significant book, published by Oxford University Press, which is of course no slouch.  And yet it is painfully clear that OUP did not pay to have a copy editor make sure the text was clean.  Latour is ESL, and he makes frequent colloquial slip-ups that any copy editor would have caught [e.g. his French habit of using the infinitive in place of the gerund: “This is one of the many cases where sociology has to accept to become more abstract” (p. 53)]  Not to mention frequent outright gaffes, such as

ANT’s solution is not to engage in polemics against sociologists of the social, but simply to multiply the occasions to quickly detect the contradiction in which they might have fallen into (p. 68).



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