Object-Oriented Philosophy

I’m starting to hear suggestions from certain disciplines that actor-network theory is making inroads on Foucault to such an extent that ANT might soon turn into the default dominant methodological toolkit in the humanities and social sciences.

I’d not considered previously that that might happen, though the process has been underway for some time. Latour could still become quite a bit more famous than he is now (Foucault is still cited more than twice as often, and it’s interesting to think of how the intellectual landscape might feel if that proportion were reversed). In philosophy Latour’s impact remains negligible, but I’m not surprised to see philosophy come late to the party. We are the slowest-moving of disciplines, though that has its advantages as well.

Someone yesterday was describing how fun it’s been to watch ANT roll into one new discipline after another, with the exact same debates repeated every time:…

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