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9781844679546_Communist_HorizonThis evening I found myself reading The Communist Horizon by Jodi Dean.  As always, the writing is lively, clear and I find myself agreeing with much that she says.  However– and here my remarks will be brief –I find myself disturbed by the defense of “the party”; or rather, to be more precise, the underdetermination of her concept of the party.  To be clear, while my sympathies lie in the direction of anarchism, I agree with Dean in holding that some sort of organization is necessary in order to accomplish any political change.  In my view– and I realize this will be controversial to some –“communism” and “anarchism” are synonymous.  Anarchism denotes a social form that is no longer alienated in the figure of a state, party, or leader, but where people directly rule themselves and organize their social world.  Communism means precisely the same thing.  However, both communism…

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