My Desiring-Machines

From Deleuze’s essay “Three Group-Related Problems” — which is a preface to one of Guattari’s books — in Desert Islands and Other Texts.

At this point in the essay, Deleuze is thinking about the relationship between psychoanalysis and revolutionary politics in Guattari’s writing. D&G do not think psyschoanalysis should be applied to groups, nor that there is a therapeutic group that should be tasked with treating the masses. Rather:

“It’s about constituting in the group the conditions of an analysis of desire, for oneself and for others; it’s about pursuing flows that constitute myriad lines of flight in capitalist society, and bringing about ruptures, imposing interruptions at the very heart of social determinism and historical causality; it’s about allowing collective agents of enunciation to emerge, capable of formulating new utterances of desire; it’s about constituting not an avant-garde, but groups adjacent to social processes, whose only task is to…

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