“The rent is too damn high!”

Jimmy McMillan


This might not be the most appropriate forum for a personal diatribe, but the title of our blog is speaking to me ever more loudly tonight.

So I just got a notice from my (new) landlord that my lease just expired and my rent is going to be increased by 40%. (!!!) My first feeling was outrage: it’s certainly screwed up, but is it even legal? The answer is yes, and why ask such a silly question, stupid. Almost as bad as the increase was this line of the notice: “We sincerely value your residency and hope that you will continue to be part of [crappy company’s name].” My second feeling was sadness: crap, I like this place, and I don’t want to move. Nor do I want to look for housing. After a few more cycles of feelings (denial being one them, resignation another, ignoring the notice altogether being another), I thought about Cheryl and her relentless reminders about this very issue of rent, land, landlords, and the shitty nature of it all. In other words, our “theory talk” just became real life; reading group shit just got real.

So there you have it: I am now becoming poor at an even fast rate. Either that or becoming homeless, or landless. May the wise words of Jimmy McMillan cry out tonight through the cool Seattle air!


3 thoughts on ““The rent is too damn high!”

  1. Forty percent is freaking insane. I’m sorry. My response to that passive-aggressive line you quote would be “see figure 1” (google that)

    But if I may hijack your situation (my apologies), your comment about theory talk becoming real–shit becoming real–resonated with me with me like a gong. I know I should be happy I’ve got a paying job but being buried under the unrelated-to-studies, full-time pile of work is one big reason I’ve not been active here. And now that my brain is finally starting to blow up intellectually, I’m quickly realizing how much my job is getting in the way of productive academe. So I contemplate rent, debt, and becoming poor in order to do something more meaningful to me.

    Back to you, let us know if we can help. I know I’m good for helping move boxes if need be. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also: rents are cheaper in south Seattle. ๐Ÿ™‚

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