Informality, Planning, ANT conference: Italy

If only we knew anyone who spoke Italian…

Chickenbus Chautauqua

International Conference


Naples, June 12, 2013
Department of Architecture, “Federico II” University, via Forno Vecchio 36
Aula Andriello, 9 am-6 pm

Conference Theme

This one-day conference will bring together scholars from Italy and the United States to explore the urban implications of actor-network theory. The focus will be on the networks of humans, nature, and technologies that comprise cities and without which cities could neither function nor thrive. These assemblages are the constituent forms that characterize such social concerns as sea-level rise, slum formation, informality, and inter-ethnic conflict. Assemblage thinking places action in its material context by recognizing that humans always act with both tools and nature.

Assemblage thinking also sits at the center of how we think about planning for the city. It enables us to understand how formal and informal processes emerge and function within and across the settings of city…

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About brandenborn

I'm a faculty member in Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. I'm interested in how societies plan, who is involved and who isn't, and the differential impacts of decision making on communities. I particularly like to think about food systems, and democracy or participation in social life. I also have this thing for school buses in general, and one in particular. Vamanos!

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