Protests in Turkey

Sadly, the wave of international upheavals in 2011 and 2012 might make recent events in Turkey seem less momentous. But perhaps after a lull (aside from Syria), we might be witnessing the re-emerge of where we left off. I frankly haven’t been following the minute-by-minute details of the events across Turkey, but what I have found striking has been the media’s change in coverage methods since only a couple years ago. I can recall how  most outlets were caught off guard during the Arab Spring: many movements went largely ignored given the lack of on-the-ground journalists, any those that were covered depended on Twitter and other social network sites for “accuracy”. Now that there seems to be a contemporary model and method that protesters are following, mainstream media sources are finding more appropriate and creative ways of covering the story, not only incorporating crowd-sourcing but actually providing better background for the unacquainted. 



From the mainstream media:

NYTimes article about the fight over Taksim Square that sparked it all.

Al Jazeera’s extensive coverage, including a dramatic photo reel.

BBC’s coverage, including the interactive image above.

Feel free to post other links that you come across.


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