I think Russell Brand is my new favorite person.

I think Russell Brand is my new favorite person.


As always, my task of dragging the Poor to the edge of contemporary culture. No Matrix references this time.


Sloterdijk’s Nietzsche Apostle forthcoming

So maybe we go with Mark’s suggestion and follow up Protevi with Beyond Good and Evil and then read this?

Progressive Geographies

9781584350996Forthcoming with Semiotext(e), translated by Steve Corcoran, Sloterdijk’s Nietzsche Apostle.

For Peter Sloterdijk, Friedrich Nietzsche represents nothing short of a “catastrophe in the history of language”—a new evangelist for a linguistics of narcissistic jubilation. Nietzsche offered a philosophical declaration of independence from humility, a meeting-point of sobriety and megalomania that for Sloterdijk has come to define the very project of philosophy.

Yet for all the significance of this language-event named Nietzsche, Nietzsche’s contributions have too often been elided and the contradictions at the root of his philosophy too often edited out. As Sloterdijk observes, “Never has an author so insisted on distinction and yet attracted such vulgarity.”

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