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Lecture: Escape from the Violence Trap: A New View of Adam Smith and The Political Economics of Development

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Escape from the Violence Trap: A New View of Adam Smith and The Political Economics of Development
Kane 210 – Friday, Feb 7, 2014 – 6:30 PM (University of Washington, Seattle)
More than two centuries ago, Adam Smith asked, what accounts for the differing levels of the “wealth of nations”? Why do so many countries fail to achieve high levels of wealth or, in Smith’s terms, “opulence”? With the seeming intransigence of high levels of poverty throughout the world, this question is as relevant today as in Smith’s time, as Barry Weingast (Political Science, Stanford University) shows, so too is Smith’s approach. He argues that Adam Smith’s explanation for the economic development of Europe involved a simultaneous, three-part revolution: the creation of liberty and justice; commerce and markets; and security. Achieving high levels of opulence required all three pieces, not just markets alone. Weingast traces Smith’s approach, revealing his explanation…

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In Failure…a Grace?

Path to the Possible


I am just rereading Plateaus 6 & 7 (BwO and the Face) with my reading group, Becoming-Poor.  Reading them this time through, I felt like I was lifted on a wave of life.  Really hopeful chapters, and many things to note, but one in particular relates to an idea I wrote about before, the idea that, as D&G put it in What is Philosophy?:

the victory of a revolution is immanent and consists in the new bonds it installs between people, even if these bonds last no longer than the revolution’s fused material and quickly give way to division and betrayal.

Here, in Plateau 6, they say something similar, although in a different register, in relation to Artaud:

Even if Artaud did not succeed for himself, it is certain that through him something has succeeded for us all.

Tahrir, Spain, Occupy, Bahrain, Syria…or even Spain in the…

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