Facing Gentrification



I have discussed gentrification frequently in the past year. The phenomenon was the subject of my technical report regarding Health Impacts of the Superfund Cleanup in the Duwamish Valley in Seattle, and I’ve had many conversations and arguments with various impassioned people regarding recent discussion of the subject on NPR, in the NYT, and in a live talk by Majora Carter at UW (here’s a NYT article addressing Majora’s interesting perspective – and to be even handed, her response in The Slant). Of late, controversy seems to be mounting regarding gentrification: no one debates whether the process occurs – it is just doubted, now, whether it is really a negative thing.

Given my recent debates on the subject, it is not surprising that gentrification sprung to mind as an interesting illustration as I recently reread plateau 7 – “Year Zero: Faciality” in Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand…

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Who is getting hired in the urban studies/geog world?

My Desiring-Machines

I came across these open threads at New APPS and Leiter Reports where new philosophy grads can report where they’ve been hired, and thought something similar would be a great addition to the urban studies/geog blogosphere. I obviously don’t have the traffic here to glean any useful information, but think a site like Stuart Elden’s Progressive Geographies would be an excellent location. Any other ideas?

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