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Another NDPR review, this time of C.D.C. Reeve’s new translation of Aristotle’s Ethics from Hackett. The summary graph at the end tells his conclusion: it’s a good translation if you’re using it for upper-level undergrads, but given it’s notes and such, lower level undergrads may need a less note-y text. I think the opposite: they may not read them but I can point to them to explain various Greek terms and I quiz them on the glossary at the back of the current Hackett edition. (I also side with the Hackett editions over price: all things being more or less equal, I try not to assign the more-than-$20.00 Cambridge editions.)

Speaking of Aristotle, before teaching the Ethics and the Metaphysics this semester, I read Carlo Natalis’ Aristotle: His Life and School, recently translated and updated. It is perhaps the best biography I have read on him, providing notes to…

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