Next Reading

Last meeting, we discussed possible options for what to read next, what would be a good follow on from the Ethics.  We decided that we should read one of:

Henri Lefebvre: Critique of Everyday Life

Derrida: Politics of Friendship

Foucault: History of Sexuality, vol. II (or possibly his late interviews “On the Genealogy of Ethics” and/or “The Ethics for the Concern of Self as a Practice of Freedom.”)

Thoughts on these three texts should be posted below, and we can try to come to some decision…

7 thoughts on “Next Reading

  1. As someone who has slogged through all three volumes of Lefebvre, I just want to add that the second was the most rewarding for me. It’s been a few years since I read it, but I remember it being a lot of him explaining how his perspective/method works, sort of like the “Levels and Dimensions” chapter of The Urban Revolution.

  2. I’ve heard from others who’ve read all three volumes, that the second is most rewarding and that they’d recommend reading just the second.

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