From Grunge to Glimmer

i’ll send this to the portland mini-conf folks too…

My Desiring-Machines

My AAG abstract:

From Grunge to Glimmer: Building the New Seattle

For Althusser (2014), the dominant Ideological State Apparatus was the school-family dyad, with the school playing the overwhelmingly dominant role. But in an era of uneven planetary urbanization (cf. Brenner 2015) this assessment must be elaborated to include the wide range of “collective apparatuses” (Genosko 2015) through which capitalist relations of production are sustained and transformed. In Seattle, the rise of sustainability culture since the mid-1950s and the birth of the state-mandated growth management in 1990 are two phenomena that have unfolded along separate but increasingly interrelated lines, and together they help realize the largest and most controversial urban redevelopment projects in the area.

Two such projects are primarily being developed by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s real estate company: South Lake Union, a growing high-tech, biotech, and global health district and Yesler Terrace, the oldest public housing project in…

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