More Agamben?

I know Castoriadis is next on the docket, and I know that some of us may have struggled with the distinction between zoe and bios for longer than we ever wanted to, but it’s worth mentioning that there is a new Agamben volume coming out in English soon.  According to this review — which also serves as a solid summary of the main ideas in Homo Sacer — the new book, The Uses of Bodies, is not to be missed:

“A great many will contend with it for a long time. It is far and away the finest, richest, and most broadly interesting book in the series. But it is most remarkable for how it brings together the concerns of those preceding works, with their vast and often detailed examinations of legal and liturgical practices, revolutions and repressions, classical philosophy, sovereignty, economy, monastic orders, the Holocaust, and much more.”

(For those of you who speak German and are interested in the problems of translation — that’s all of you, right?? — check out the comments section for a discussion of how best to render what Wittgenstein may have meant about the relationship between philosophy and poetry.)