Butler and afterwards

Following our Kristeva discussion on Friday, we had fact-finding and parliamentary inquiries as to the relative merits of next readings. Calls were made for more feminist pieces, for a southern turn and a return to Castoriadis. A direct vote was taken; results herein:

Agamben  0
Arendt  0
Butler   3 
Castoriadis  0
Comaroff & Comaroff    1
Coulthard    2
Kristeva   1
Mbembe  0

In the vote count, Butler stood 50% more popular than the next-popular author, a resounding victory. So for Friday, April 22, Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence it is (Preface and Chapter 1). Now available under the Readings tab. Butler was the honorary geographer of the year for AAG this year and last month gave the AAG Plenary (though I couldn’t find a video online).

Achille Mbembe: The value of Africa’s aesthetics

My first proposal for our next reading!


The philosopher’s classic 2001 work, ‘On the Postcolony’, has been republished in an African edition that features a brand-new preface by him.

Source: Achille Mbembe: The value of Africa’s aesthetics | Arts and Culture | Books | M&G