Maybe we should just be making movies?

I came across this stinging passage in the story collection I’m reading now:

“In the evening, after hours, when work got out and the long city buzzed to life, you would find Tanner at gallery openings and literary events, dressed in the hip tatters of the set, trying to work Agamben and Deleuze into his small talk.  I joked that he only slept at night secure in the notion that he was deepening the contradictions of capitalism, but what was truer, no doubt, was that it took a certain and ironic consequence before anyone much cared what you had to say about homo sacer or your own moral implication.  Such are the true contradictions we drown in, like grapplers in the ocean at each other’s throats.  Then, maybe a year after I met him, Tanner left his job to enroll in film school, and while I could hardly have called this a risky departure for Tanner, it did seem to validate some of the dreaminess and fitful integrity that had always appeared in him to swim just below the surface, fighting up for air.” — Greg Jackson, from “Tanner’s Sisters,” in Prodigals (2016)