Castoriadis on museum walls


From the exhibit “Das Kapital: Schuld – Territorium – Utopie” [Capital: Debt – Territory – Utopia], at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin.


debt, or …

I’ve been pondering the sidebar conversation regarding  Lazzarato’s economistic focus of debt, and the discussion of other forms of debt worth negotiating , mentioned at different points by Peter, Evan and Mark… Having not read Butler, but thinking about the sentiment, I wonder if there are more suitable words that might embrace the positive indebtedness we have (to parents, for example), as opposed to an asymmetrical relation that engenders some form of ‘beholden’-ness?

Gratitude is one word that comes to mind.There are many others, I’m sure….  But I wonder if word choice obviates the tension, or if it relational?