Holston, Insurgent Citizenship, Chapter 5

Tronto — Care as a Basis for Radical Political Judgements

Judith Butler, Precarious Life

Kristeva — New Forms of Revolt

The Castoriadis Reader

Lefebvre – State, Space, World

I found what I think is the first 61 pages of Kinshasa: Tales of the Invisible City.  Jesse, is that right?



Commodities And Value_Appadurai

Housing And Hope_Appadurai

JK Gibson Graham – A Postcapitalist Politics

Lefebvre V2

Locke: Second Treatise, Ch. 6-11

Locke: Second Treatise, Ch. 1-5

Ranciere_Politics of Aesthetics

Ranciere — The Order of the City

Ranciere & Corcoran- Dissensus_ On Politics and Aesthetics

tiqqun — this is not a program – first 51 pages

David_Graeber_Fragments_ Anarchist_Anthropology



Benjamin – “Critique of Violence”

Virno – “Virtuosity and Revolution”

Mazzarella – “Myth of the Multitude”

Arditi – “Insurgencies”

Reclaiming Democracy_ An Interview with Wendy Brown on Occupy, Sovereignty, and Secularism _ Critical Legal Thinking


Rifkin_Indigenizing Agamben

Buchanan – Deleuze’s Life Sentences

Hobbes – Selections from Leviathan


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