Whiteboard for Holland II

aka “Nietzsche’s Gingerbread Man in Feudalism”


Dismantling the Self

I have been playing around with how to represent visually the different ideas of the subject/self we have been discussing.  Here is one possibility.  There is the liberal self as independent, discrete, self-contained monad:

And then there is the idea of the self when it is pulled apart and becomes a loose assemblage of multiple singularities that opens out into the world and connects with millions of singularities in other selves:

The second image is Jackson Pollack’s Summertime Number 9A (1948), which hangs in the Tate Modern in London.  I don’t know if you can see it in this image (you can click on it), but I see almost a second-line scene here–many figures–hard to discern but nevertheless perceptible–in various poses all marching and/or dancing toward the right of the screen, each intermingled with the others through lines of motion and emotion.

I’m not sure I’ve got the images quite right…what do you think?